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If we take a step back in time to, around the 80`s, the internet was barely something. To imagine of it as a commercialised service, available 24/7 at literally our hands, was unthinkable. Fast forward to 2017 and it’s easy to see how much times have changed.

For marketers and advertisers, this change has resulted in a need to consider an ever growing and complex number of media channels available to communicate with their target audience. Gone are the days of simple main media mix, when one-to-all messaging was enough.

It is no longer only about what brands communicate, but what they ‘like’, support, share and react. The virtual worlds enable means to target their audience in ways never before possible.

We also see companies to thrive as fast as it goes out of business. Change creates as many opportunities as challenges.

Millennials, Generation X or Z, it doesn’t matter. Nowadays, consumers move from networks all the time. Not all apps have the same appeal. Marketers need to understand the social circle with which users communicate on each app, the needs that the app satisfies and how those needs and usage may change over time.

Brands can effectively engage on these apps in a number of ways, but the faster way should be through advertisement, however where is the limit between valuable and not intrusive? Smart brands should use their insights to determine how to speak the user’s language in platforms effectively.

Over time, the giants’ tech companies such as Google might roll most of the apps into one ecosystem, but for the time being, marketers need to be innovative in the way they approach research. We understand that as the landscape becomes more competitive, marketers who move away from simple surveys toward more longitudinal, ethnographic studies have a better shot at understanding audiences and thriving in this dynamic market.

App Promotions Summit is heading to New York this week, and questions such as how to deal with the fragmented media market is one of the subjects that will be discussed up there.

After eight groundbreaking conferences, the leading app marketing event will be more than well represented with companies with the likes of Criteo, Urban Airship, Applift, and LeanPlum. Osmii attended the London’s edition, and would love to be there again, but unfortunately we won’t be able this time, however, fortunately, we will be able to catch up with it through social medias.

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