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Consumers in the UK are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to make transactions, as we could see on Black Friday. This is clearly nothing new, especially in the age of millennials, where attention spans are shorter, mobile devices are king in engaging consumers on the go. But, for retailers, is optimisation enough? How to continue to thrive and survive in today’s technology world is the question.

Key considerations should be made by decisions leaders for the business, such as defining the customer demographics, trends, measuring potential ROI when investing in mobile and whether apps really are essential in providing truly helpful and relevant customer experience for your target.

In NewStore’s “State of Mobile Retail”, areas such as customer’s journey, mobile experience, search and share, personalization and engagement, path to purchase, and fulfilment are key touchpoints that are relevant for both in-app and optimized businesses options. This research discovered that while 78% of brands don’t offer a complete “shoppable” mobile app, there are several retailers and brands that are “top of class” in how they use apps, including John Lewis, Tesco and Farfetch. Native apps are basically missing in action, despite strong data showing their value in improving conversion and raising engagement.

Businesses need to build a superior customer experience on mobile by adopting advanced design strategies. It is necessary to ensure a fulfilling customer needs, from discovery through to purchase. A strong mobile offering can positively impact how you communicate and serve your customers across the wider omni-channel experience.

Another key trend that goes beyond this loop of “native app or optimised website” is the BOT messaging technology. Messaging wars are being fought to control the consumer relationship and interaction path to functionality and content. And what is at stake? This goes far beyond messaging – it is all about defending branding, personalization and finally developing customer loyalty.

As I mentioned, m-commerce growth over the next years is nothing new, but how to approach the immense possibilities of technologies is what can put your business at stake. That is why Osmii is very interested at Mobile Shopping Europe 2017, in London, next week. This event promises to delivers the solutions, innovation and ideas that simply can’t be missed by mobile vendors.

Not only the agenda is inspiring, as well as its speakers, from different retail industries. Discussions regarding Mobile Marketing; Web Mobile Design; Merging Digital with physical experiences; Big Data and Future Mobile Innovations are only a few themes that promise to challenge assumptions and spark new ideas.

With mobile innovators from Europe’s most progressive vendors sponsoring this event, such as Urban Airship (a market-leading mobile data integration), POQ (an innovative mobile technology developer) and retailers all in one place at one time, this is a must attend meeting place to gain practical insights on how fully exploit mobile and deliver a seamless online and offline customer experience in today’s digital world.

Osmii is delighted to be part of this event and to catch up with the news and trends at the mobile environment. If you want to know more about what Osmii does and how it can help you, contact our Senior Consultant Simon Gregory at and visit our website