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With only a few days to go for the biggest mobile industry trade show of the year, Mobile World Congress (MWC) begins next Monday 27th at Barcelona; we would like to make a recap of what we should expect this year.

Clearly, new phones will be presented, as usual, but that’s only the beginning: tablets and networks have played big roles in previous years, and we should expect a lot from Wearable Technology (such as IWatch), AR/VR and digital payment technologies in 2017, too.

In case you don’t know, last year the congress surpassed the 100,000 attendance mark, and this year’s event shows no sign of slowing down. Companies have been teasing their big reveals since the beginning of the year in an attempt to drum up hype before the conference.

Samsung: The world’s biggest smartphone player has announced that won’t be launching the Galaxy S8 at the show, in spite of the fact that it deputed its predecessor last year. Without the S8, which should be presented on March 29, the latest rumours have Samsung launching a Galaxy Tab S3 tablet with an S Pen.  There may also be a Windows-powered convertible laptop Galaxy Tab Pro S2. Samsung will also showcase 5G and other examples of their network solutions at Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Netflix: The highest profile speech at MWC last year was turned over to Mark Zuckerberg. This year, it’s Reed Hastings from Netflix. Mobile content will clearly be a big theme, as we can expect for keynote from Vivendi and Turner as well. Unfortunately, there are no expectations regarding announcements from Netflix, although we would love to be surprised.

IoT: IoT has been one of the most explored themes in the past years, and we should expect nothing less about it at the Congress. In particular, we expect that IoT devices that leverage Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies to be centre in Barcelona. MWC will provide the opportunity for many discussions around innovative approaches to data usage, data storage, data ownership, data haring, data lakes, and open data – all of which have a direct impact on the evolution of IoT.

Chatbots and Digital Payments: There are at least two conferences involving this subject, which can assure, along with the role of virtual assistants, that it will be a technology in vogue at the Congress. We can expect updates and product announcements from key chat app providers with respect to their initiatives and success in enabling third-party content provision, enterprise messaging, and payments on their platforms. Retail and digital payments will likely also be a key focus this year, as they have in years past.

Osmii can’t wait to see all the new products and technologies arriving this year, and we are hope to be surprised to whatever can come from the event! Osmii always makes sure to be ahead of the game and understand the trends for 2017 and years to come. To learn more about what we do, please contact our digital consultant Sarah Neeworth via and David Scott via and visit our website