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Two weeks ago we covered an article on how you can use Osmii to harness the power of blockchain. We looked into what blockchain is, the industries that use this form of tech and how our company can help you.

Now you know that we are a consultancy that specialise in this tech and provide a service to companies who work with blockchain, we decided to conduct an interview with Jamie Forrester who is the Head of Technology services here at Osmii to give us a breakdown of what is needed to become a blockchain developer. We aim for you to learn more about where the demand for jobs in blockchain is coming from, the skillset needed and the road you need to go down to work within blockchain.

Firstly are there any courses for developers or tech-savvy graduates who are looking to do a course within blockchain?

There are a number of courses in London that specialise within the theory of blockchain. The first course is run by a company called B9 labs who specialise in offering a range of block-chain training courses and workshops to educate and fast-track developers into using blockchain technology. They offer online training courses, day workshop’s and 4-day courses, so to find out more or apply check out Another company is Coinsilium who facilitate the creation and mainstream implementation of blockchain technology products and services from their head-quarters in London. Coinsilium Training can offer you and your team bespoke blockchain courses by introductions to bitcoin and blockchain through to technically-advanced application classes. You can find out more and apply for the course via:

What are the technical skills to become a Blockchain developer?
There are a number of skills needed to work within blockchain- here are the top six must have skills you will need to have:
First skill: The first skill on the list is to learn at least one of the blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, Hyperledger etc.
Second skill: You need to have a good understanding of Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies.
Third skill: Thirdly, you will need some sort of experience working with distributed databases along with an understanding of various distributed consensus methodology
Fourth skill: You’ll have to have an understanding of cryptography, including asymmetric (pub/priv key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures.
Fifth skill: You’ll need the following hands-on experience in using languages: Java, Golang, Rust, Scala, Haskell, Erlang, Python, C, C++, C#
And the final skill: Finally, you will need hands-on experience in working on Open source technologies and learn new languages like Solidity

What are the key industries hiring at the moment?

There are indications that increased hiring is occurring in a variety of sectors and industries from startups and large companies to private sector firms. The main industries that work with blockchain are finance, cyber security, supplies chains and insurance. The blockchain startups who are hiring in this space can be from those providing the foundation building blocks of the technology, such as Ethereum and Eris, to companies specialising in business applications, including Everledger. Banks and other private sector firms such as Barclays, UBS and Santander have been particularly active in the blockchain space. And it is not just the banks either, Visa and Thomson Reuters have also been on the lookout for specialists, even Airbnb hired a team of blockchain and bitcoin specialists earlier this year.

Recently a report was published by the government’s chief science advisor, Sir Mark Walport which highlighted the potential in government and conversations have begun in the public sector around how blockchain can be used. To read this report you can find it via:

We hope the information provided in our interview with Jamie helped give a better understanding of how to gain a career within Blockchain. Osmii have built a consultancy team of industry experts who specialize in advising, strategic innovation, building prototypes, running workshops and deployment of distributed ledger technology. Not only can we provide short-term advisory but we can also provide senior level strategists for management and education. Our deployment team specialise in building decentralized platforms using ethereum and building distributed settlement capability using ripple. For more information please contact Jamie Forrester via: