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The 1st of September 2014 marked not only the start of the first month of autumn, but also the beginning of our Wellness challenge.

This year we decided to challenge ourselves to a healthy diet for 5 days in order to support the British Heart Foundation. The diet was made after BHF’s Healthy Eating Challenge. Every participant gained Heart Points for each meal, every day, for 5 days. Each point earned was then converted into money, which we donated to the British Heart Foundation.

Needless to say that everyone was eager to take on the challenge and even though it was not a competition, it did spur our competitive spirit. Due to this, our week was mostly a show-off of the finest salads, the greenest smoothies and the freshest fruit in Soho.

Everyone contributed greatly to this challenge, and some went above and beyond to raise money. We want to recognize their efforts with this occasion so here goes:

1st Place goes to Dean Smithers, Team Lead for the Ad-Tech team

2nd Place goes to Neil Mitchell, Business Director

3rd Place goes to Brian Abplanalp, Research Consultant in the Ad-Tech team

We commend the great, but we also want to mention those who could have done better. That being said, the Wooden Spoon goes to Antony Lynch, Account Manager for Cross platforms.

The result was a healthier, more productive team, a week of thinking beyond our taste buds and of succeeding to raise more money for the BHF.

Until our next challenge, we hope you enjoy last week’s accomplishments through the photos below.


Wellness Week Winner, Dean

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