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2016 marked the year of dramatic changes in the App Store. Last October, Apple released its new Search Ad program. So what can we expect on ASO (App Search Optimization) this year?

First things first, organic search and reach is a huge part of a digital marketing strategy, enabling businesses to engage customers who have openly shown intent towards a service or product. Unfortunately, on mobile environment, the sheer number of apps available for download makes it harder and harder to get noticed. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a mobile app within the app store’s organic search listings, which ultimately results in increased organic downloads.

The changes Apple introduced to the App Store in 2016 includes app titles now limited to 50 characters and Search Ads populating results for the most popular terms, the world of app marketing is in for a substantial change. ASO is taking over mobile marketing, from Search Ads to traditional keyword optimization. In introducing so many new elements to the App Store, Apple is pivoting towards what has worked best for developers historically – keyword-based search optimization and relevancy.

However, relevancy is a subjective topic. You must create this relevancy through the content of the app itself, as well as through your description and your creatives. As in 2017, companies should look for developers to start testing the boundaries of what they can and cannot create relevancy for in a Search Ad.

There is so much to be seen about ASO as well as so much to be thought regarding its strategies in 2017. Tomorrow, one of our partners, AppsFlyer (CEO Oren Kaniel), will host a very inspiring event and one of the key points that will be discussed is how to perform on ASO. Besides from it, speakers from the most relevant mobile industry (App Annie, MMA, Lovoo, Shazam, La Redoute,..) will present one full day of insights regarding UX, ROI Measurement, monetization, mobile fraud, TV advertising and UA best practices.

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