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What used to be a nebulous concept, guided primarily by subjective creative instinct, that took weeks, maybe months to be developed, “creativity” is now being shaped by the dawn of technology and data science.  So how has the increase of mobile shopping and disruptive trends, such as VR and AI, influenced the creative process of campaigns?

Marketers now are equipped with numerous insights that guide every step of the consumer experience and behaviour, boosting the creative process from planning to execution. Media teams now have the ability to refresh campaigns as it experiences fatigue amongst consumers. The main mistake in the past few years was to acknowledge that data was the holy grail, ignoring the importance of creativity.

If history can teach us something, it is that what catches our attention, stays in the back of our minds, and gradually changes our behaviour are the most disruptive campaigns. So do not underestimate what this nebulous concept can do once it is guided through data insights.

With the intensive growth of mobile commerce, brands and agencies are investing heavily on adapting their advertising strategies. That’s where we see an investment into hiring Project Managers – specifically for mobile. Also, according to a recent Forrester report, brands that invest in creativity throughout their ecommerce, experience a boost in sales.

While the stats and analytics data involved in conversion rate clearly shows a scientific and objective process, the system of turning visitors into buyers involves something less tactile. Psychology plays a crucial role behind this data to read between the lines and interpret consumer behaviour. We could exemplify Spotify, that takes data from music choices (throughout times of the day) and drive specific advertising for the right consumer.

Technology is our future, and it’s no surprise just how many companies are investing in VR and AI. Such technologies enable individuals to be connected even when they are not (imagine Alexa for example – you don’t need a mobile or computer on your hands to be connected). Advertisers and marketers need to create ways of interacting with these potential consumers, and use their behaviour to guide your creative process.

Many questions for the future of marketing and advertising, and that is why Osmii is excited to be part of the fifth year of Advertising Week Europe, a famous event for being a hybrid of inspiring thought leadership and entertainment that celebrates the industry and its people. We expect to hear inspiring seminars and workshops led by some of the greatest minds in the industry, with the likes of Facebook, Google, Snapchat, AOL, Waze, and Spotify.

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