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With one of Europe’s premier ad-tech show fast approaching (DMEXCO) I believe it would be a good time to compile a quick guide of key events & areas currently shaping the programmatic advertising industry.

Thanks to its outstanding conference program, for two days our Consultants will be at the hot spot of the Digiconomy. The leading thinkers will be coming to Cologne, Germany from all over the world in order to present and discuss the latest trends and innovations, such as:

DSP(Demand-Side Platform) vs. SSP (Supply –Side Platform):

DSP’s have been growing at a fast-pace and are rich in 1st party data, having priority access to inventory, either via owned and operated software or preferential deals in place with 3rd party publishers based upon the strength of their demand. On the other side, header bidding has changed the game beyond recognition and it has taken the weakest of SSP’s and made them look fantastic. It has commoditised access to inventory and effectively migrated the value proposition from yield management to advertising rates and demand provider.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

The GDPR act comes into effect May 2018, asking for a cleaner and more transparent supply chain, the Regulation could be the catalyst required to bring both context & audience together in programmatic buying.

Brand Safety & Ad Fraud:

Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, who holds the strings to the conglomerate’s $2.4 billion annual U.S advertising purse, threatened to pull off his company’s spend if they fail to address the growing mess of issues in digital advertising like fraud, brand safety and transparency. Next week he will take his message to Dmexco, where he has plans to deliver a keynote speech about P&G advertising concerns.

Nick Morley, MD EMEA, and Oliver Hulse, MD GmbH from Integral Ad Science, will also host a seminar named “Viewability, Ad Fraud and Brand Safety: Unveiling the core impact of media quality”, where they will explore the biggest challenges to digital and how to best address these to secure our future.


In a more broad sense of AdTech, another seminar that we are enthusiastic about is the one hosted by Harry Kargman, Founder & CEO of Kargo, where he will share research-based insights about how we can successfully exist in a tech-driven, politically charged mobile-first world.

Lastly but not least, Ben Jeger, Managing Director DACH of AppsFlyer
and Ilana Munckton, Director of Growth of SkyScanner will host a seminar regarding data-driven experimentation, and how “Data Isn’t Everything But Everything Is Nothing Without Data: How Skyscanner apply scientific experimentation in their quest for sustainable app growth”.

If you are going to be there, and would like to arrange a meeting with our Director and Principal Consultant please contact Dean Smithers via and Simon Gregory via If you can’t make it, no problem, we will be live tweeting throughout the two day event to keep you updated with all that is happening. So if you don’t follow us already, do so by following our Twitter @Osmii_News and our Instagram site @osmii_news.