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Once again, the Osmii team touched down in London, still reeling with excitement from the two full days at Dmexco 2016 @dmexco. And of course, who wouldn’t be excited? We had spent two days in a room full of professionals who, like us, were highly passionate about the future of digital marketing. We have split this article into three sections; the trend of Dmexco, our favourite talk and our favourite photo.

The trend of Dmexco was:

“The biggest trend in Dmexco this year will be around brands building their own defensible consumer data strategies” says David Fischer, senior vice president, sales and account management at eXelateData is the key for digital advertising. It will come as little surprise that big data formed a key aspect of discussions at this years Dmexco. There were 20 mentions of ‘data’ in this year’s debate titles, that show that marketers are still very keen to show the potential of data-driven marketing strategies.

There were a number of brands who showed how to collect data in creative and unique ways. In particular, there was Adform and Quividi’s booth which had screens offering a face recognition software to determine age and gender. There were excellent rate´s in precision and accuracy with the results. Imagine the advantage, if brands had these screens in their retail stores? So many brands now use digital screens within their stores.  This should continue and be used to it’s full advantage. You can enable, relax and entertain your customers using digital technology collecting valuable data and providing an enjoyable customer experience. Whether its programmatic advertising used in store, interactive screens or multi touch services, its about providing the right content that suits your customer.

The Talk of Dmexco was:

Osmii saw an excellent debate called ‘Programmatic TV: its just the beginning….’ presented by Jay Sears from Rubicon Project. As we all know; ad automation, programmatic trading and data-driven advertising has revolutionized digital ad trading over the last few years. Programmatic buying has made an impact across different media; from audio to native advertising and now TV.

Consumers are no longer just looking at one screen when they watch TV- they are looking at multiple devices. As TV continues its transformation, content viewing is now available anywhere and viewed in a way that is convenient to consumers’ lifestyles.  At Dmexco there was a number of traditional TV broadcasters who presented debates and they showed they were ready to join forces with digital tech companies, to create a better experience for their viewers.

To learn about the future of programmatic TV, you can watch the full debate by watching this link.

And lastly our favourite photo:

Here is our Principle Consultant, Simon Gregory, enjoying a well deserved beer after a long day of seminars, meetings and talks.


Overall, we had an extremely successful and enjoyable two days and we look forward to attending Dmexco 2017. To learn more about our digital team here at Osmii and the services we provide, please contact Dean Smithers via: or Simon Gregory via