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A few weeks ago Osmii’s principal consultant Simon Gregory visited the eTail Europe, an unmissable opportunity to engage, learn and network with industry leaders within the eCommerce space.

Etail Europe is dedicated to supporting the growth of the retail industry with over 100 people in one room discussing where this huge sector is heading. Not only is it a place to learn, be inspired and network, but you are able to learn the innovative solutions and ideas for the future of eCommerce. Inspired by the talks and panels, Simon and myself have been intrigued to find out more about the future of eCommerce and tell you all a bit more about the hottest eCommerce and retail companies to look out for.

The first trend is Multi-channel shopping which is essentially the practice of offering customers a variety of platforms from which they are able to purchase products. The reason so many consumer go to these multi-vendor websites is because they can find a wide selection of unique items from varying sellers and the best part is that they only need to make a single payment at the end. Many eCommerce sellers know the benefits of selling through multiple channels, but the need to expand is always growing. Companies will start to experience problems if they don’t expand and list their products on sites such as Amazon or within retail, sites such as Asos.

Another trend set to be big within the retail space is digital taking over stores. Large brands will be introducing ‘magic’ or ‘memory’ mirror technology led by RFID tags to let customers try on virtual outfits and place ipad’s in fitting rooms to allow customers to ask for help, read reviews and see what sizes are available in stock. A number of retailers. including House of Fraser, are deploying around 45 percent of all tablets shipped to their stores for point-of-sale use. Online shoppers are predominantly found using mobile or tablets at home and are likely to use an app or tablet version of a company’s website, and not a mobile site. It has been shown that sales people on a shop floor who use a tablet with customers are able to establish a greater trust between salesman and customer, as the associate is able to show the customer products that are available and draws the customer into a potential sale.

Our final hot trend is connecting with customers through social media. In previous years, social media sites have mainly been used by companies to connect with customers, to gain feedback about their products and learn their likes and dislikes. Now the social eCommerce landscape is changing, with many of the social networks opening up their systems for selling. For example, both Pinterest and Twitter have announced buttons that companies can use to post and sell their items directly through the social networks. The same goes for Facebook and some platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce have Facebook selling built in to their sites.

The world of eCommerce is consistently changing, so we always make sure to bookmark the most interesting eCommerce trends for 2016 and years to come. Here at Osmii, our principal consultant Simon Gregory focuses on the Retail Technology Space, helping pre-IPO VC-backed vendors across APAC and EMEA with their technical and senior hires. To learn more about what we do please contact Simon via and visit our wesbite: